Longview II Fund

Active investment opportunity

Sower Longview Fund II is focused on strategically located Open Air Retail Centers featuring a junior box or anchor tenant – an agile retail venue – because of lasting strategic investment advantages in the current landscape.

Secondary and Tertiary Market Opportunity

Secondary and tertiary markets have a greater supply of existing assets that fit the needs of junior box retailers.

These markets have current in-place rents with a significant (30-50%) discount to corresponding replacement rent requirements on newly developed assets.

• Low Supply/High Demand Markets

• Upward Pricing Pressure on Rents

• Discount to Replacement Cost

• New Entrant/Expansion Demands

• Value-Add Opportunities



Low Vacancy % due to New Construction Constraints


Increasing Rents due to Supply Constraints


Acquistion Price and In Place Rents below Replacement

Investment Highlights

Fund Terms and Performance

  • Target Initial AUM – $60M (June 30, 2024)
  • Target Initial Equity Commitment – $30M
  • General Partner Commitment – $10M
  • Annualized AMF – 1.5% of NAV
  • Limited Partner (Investor) High Water Mark Return – Variable 6-8% (Currently 8%)
  • General Partner Incentive – 20%
  • Liquidity Rights – 3 year lockup
  • Optional Distribution Reinvestment Program

GP Contribution

  • Sower Commercial sponsors and deploys
    capital in investments as an active equity
    partner with controlling governance rights
  • GP Commitment – $10,000,000

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